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Are you having a difficult time trying to figure how to pack that special item so it arrives in one piece? Once you find the right box size you still need to hunt down the bubble-wrap, packing peanuts, tape, etc. It’s time consuming, expensive, and a major inconvenience (especially if you end up packing it incorrectly!).



Packed to Perfection Guarantee

Our “Packed to Perfection” guarantee should give you peace of mind. Your items are packed to meet or exceed all carrier requirements, so if any damage or loss occurs during transit, Mail Box Center stands behind our packaging — we guarantee it for insurability.
We stock over 50 sizes and keep plenty of styrofoam peanuts, bubble-wrap, tape, specialty boxes (artwork, laptops, double-wall, etc.) and other packing materials on hand. We can even custom-make a box for those elk antlers or car bumpers. Call us today to request a quote for packaging your special item(s)!


Benefits of Professional Packing

Whether you’re a small business owner sending out your products to customers or you’re a parent sending out a care package for a college student, you may want to consider professional packing. When sending out precious items, big or small, you want them handled with the utmost care. At Mail Box Center, our team is trained to package your goods so they can safely arrive at their final destination on time, and in one piece. They’ll know how much cushioning and what style of packaging will work best for the items you wish to send.
Other benefits of professional packing:
  • Refined, professional appearance
  • Hassle-free — leave the packing to us!
  • Saves time — just drop off and go
  • Insurance guarantee



Packages You Should Pack Professionally

Wondering if professional packing is worth it? The answer is (almost) always yes! Here’s a list of packages you should absolutely considering packing professionally:

Products From Your Business

Whether you’re just starting out your small business or have been in the books for a while, you can absolutely benefit from professionally packaging your products. Because Mail Box Center carries a “Packed to Perfection” guarantee, you can rest assured that the goods you ship out will be in good hands! From glass sculptures to 6-feet-wide canvas paintings, we’ll do our best to make sure your goods are safe from damage. Additionally, professional packaging looks more refined! Your customers will feel more excited opening up a package that looks as though extra time has been spent on it.

Valuable or Expensive Items

For valuable items, such as your great-great-grandmother’s jewelry chest from Civil War times, you may want to consider a professional packing service. We’ll choose the best packaging solution to make sure valuable items are valued!

Large, Bulky, or Awkwardly-Shaped Items

Sometimes a standard box isn’t the best way to pack and ship your handcrafted chicken statues. For those oddly-shaped items, it may be best to come up with a custom packing solution, to save you time, money, and stress. Mail Box Center will work with you to create custom-boxes for the goods you want to mail out.

Care Package Items

Although your homemade care package will be packed with love, you could go one step above and beyond and have it professionally packed. You may want to consider professional packing so that your box is the perfect size to carry all of the goods you want to send. You don’t want to spend extra money on a really large box, only for the contents to move around during transit. Instead of making a random guess, bring your items to Mail Box Center, and we’ll let you know the best box and the top solutions for them.

Have A Question About Our Packing Service?

Do you have a special item or lots of stuff that needs packing and have questions? Call us at (509) 924-5040 or click the button below to send us a message.

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